Life’s Reset Button


Kids are life’s great reset button.

reset button

Before you have kids you might look back on certain events of your life and think, “I shouldn’t have done that”.

Maybe it was a bad relocation, a poorly executed career choice, losing a lot of money on a venture, losing a “soul mate” to a stupid mistake, or spending too much time on what you thought was your soul mate, or a combination of those; but we have all had regrets.

All of us.


To say “I regret nothing” is just tossing a blanket over your regrets, tucking them in, and waiting for them to wake up pissed off one morning when you’re at your weakest.

Everybody has done something they wish they hadn’t – and that is the simplest definition of a regret. How you cope with it, or rationalize it, or gloss it over with a trite cliche, does not change the fact that it was a regret.

As a matter of fact, using trite cliches like “I have no regrets” actually acknowledges that you have had regrettable events in your life worth rationalizing. Unless you have kids…

Once you have a child, and fall in love with him, her, or them, you submit to the reality that every regrettable act in your life contributed to the pavement that helped deliver your shoes to the right place, at the right time, to have this wonderful child.

Changing even one event in your past live could trigger a butterfly effect that changed your life just enough to not have that kid.

So you accept it all, and stop regretting any of it. Because it was all worth the reward.


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